“They say that our health is the most important thing and might not be bought.

This is both: the truth and not. It happens that a person feeling badly and even having money does not know where to find help, especially at night.

It also happens that one is not satisfied with the medical help/assistance, which is being presented. Unfortunately, a medical institution starts with a complete medical examination, while your attendants start “gaining” their hours and honorarium.

After having decided to take care of your health, you should pay attention to two main thins: come quickly and come to the right medical institution. Our experience and professional organizers/consulters will help you to do this.

Our servicing approach is based on the principle of the needed result for any of our clients, in any needed medical aspect, all round the clock.

After having received all necessary servicing for the sum of 1000 euros, you will automatically become a member of our YF24 loyalty programme; this will permit you to have discounts for our future services


Tel: 030 885 85 307
Cell: +49 1794820202


  • our prior clients are our permanent clients
  • our medical servicing is organized for a very limited number of persons, that is exactly why our servicing is of a high quality
  • we offer medical institutions and specialists, which are well known to us, as good ones
  • according to your demand, we may optimize you expense budget
  • we guarantee total confidentiality as to you and your health
  • we may provide you with the whole block of the corresponding servicing: transport, accommodation, visa support, a cultural relax programme
  • we will help you to obtain all necessary documents for your insurance company


  • consultations in most important German hospitals of the needed profile, including the general medical health examination/revision
  • diagnosis of your disease or reasons of your indisposition
  • acquisition of a set of necessary measures and medicines
  • dental servicing
  • organization of surgical operations
  • organization of rehabilitations
  • organization of sanatorium/spa centres stay/treatment in Germany
  • provision of all corresponding services: transport, escort service/translation (including medical documents), accommodation, free time and tourism/entertainments
  • elaboration of offers for your expense budget optimization

Our experience and professional knowledge will help you to obtain all appropriate servicing.



request an electronic application form, formalize it and send it to us through our site or email

receive a price
offer from us,
conditions of our service,
a deposit amount,
ways of payment

confirm your request
and make a deposit payment, according to to the way,
selected by you:
transfer or in an office

receive our electronic confirmation of the request/payment, information of the request fulfillment and our coordinator’s contacts