Loyalty Program

Our company gives its’ clients the possibility to participate in the loyalty programme YFS24.

Main information about the programme

Automatic entrance into the programme. This happens after having been paid our services to a determined amount. The amount is 1000 euros for education, medicine, transfers and tourism, 3000 euros - for VIP servicing, 5000 euros - for events celebration.

Note: these amounts do not include payments for the third parties (hotels, medical centres, airlines and others), if you decide to realize such payments through our company.

Having been included into the programme, you will obtain an e-mail letter, containing your own number and password, in order to have the access to the sector of orders and bonus funds.

The first scores are being calculated in the following way: their volume is determined as the amount of your order/some orders (if the passing volume is being accumulated from various orders), diminishing it according to the passing amount, which permits your entrance into the programme within a corresponding service, where you have reached the passing volume.

Example: previously, you have obtained a “transfer” service to the amount of 500 euros and now are obtaining a medicine service to the amount of 750 Euros. Thus, 250 scores will enter in your account.

Making the following orders, you will have a priority concerning services and discounts. Your orders will be elaborated by our managers on a priority basis, comparing with the orders of the clients, who do not participate in our loyalty programme.

Sending you a price offer, we will inform you about the part of your deposit which may be paid by the accumulated score, and the exact number of your scores for such payment. The maximum number of payment scores will not overcome the having been accumulated scores.

According to your wish, while paying by scores, you will have the opportunity to realize the monetary pay of the minor part and receive the first discount. While calculating the final payment for the having been fulfilled orders, our managers may offer you to realize a partial payment by means of scores, and you will have the opportunity to receive the second discount.

Realizing the following orders, we will charge your scores, at a rating of 1 Euro – 1 score.

You may claim the members of your family: parents, husband/wife, children as participants in our programme, and they may also accumulate scores in your account, use the loyalty programme and receive discounts, while ordering our services.

The loyalty programme YFS24 is the system, which will constantly save your money; this is the advantage of our company, comparing it to other ones, which offer the similar servicing.