An area of planing and servicing for business and personal events are being presented by roman romazanov, the company director.

If your colleagues and you are planning to visit an exhibition or a conference in Germany, prepare a personal event (anniversary or wedding celebrations) our company is at your disposal. We will help you to receive a desirable effect by means of rational use of your time and budget.

It is worth to note, that in Germany, your total expenses, in order to prepare/participate in an event, will be considerably less, than in such traditional countries as Great Britain, France, Switzerland, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong. It should be taken into consideration that Germany is nearer to your country, either to distance or travel time.

Our aim is to correspond as much as possible, our clients’ expectations, from the point of view of their rational budget expenses.

While making you a 5000 (or more) euros order, in the above mentioned area of our services, you will automatically become a member of our YFS24 loyalty programme; this will permit you to have discounts for our future services.


Tel: 030 885 85 307
Cell: +49 1794820202


  • our prior clients are VIP persons and YFS24 loyalty programme participants
  • correspondence to your demands/expectations, as to rationally minimize time expenses, needed for an event planning
  • elaboration of offers, as to rational budget expenses or different variants of an event celebration
  • integrated approach: we take total responsibility for an event, celebration in all its aspects
  • confidence protection: we neither take photos nor mention an event/the participants


  • according to your will: a complete or partial servicing block for an event, being celebrated in Germany, in which you/your team or family will participate
  • transport or any arrangement support for You/Your team or family, while being you in Germany as participants of having been mentioned events
  • translation service , including the translation of documents
  • additional tourist and cultural programme, while being you in Germany
  • selection and offers, as to optimal places for your future events: hotels, business-centres, boarding house
  • provision with all necessary technical equipment
  • offers and assurance of an entertainment programme
  • photo and video filming
  • an event room design
  • arrangement of an exit stand-up meal, restaurant service



request an electronic application form, formalize it and send it to us through our site or email

receive a price
offer from us,
conditions of our service,
a deposit amount,
ways of payment

confirm your request
and make a deposit payment, according to to the way,
selected by you:
transfer or in an office

receive our electronic confirmation of the request/payment, information of the request fulfillment and our coordinator’s contacts