Lately, education in Germany has been getting more and more popular. The reasons are the following:

  • quality and organization of the education system,
  • education programmes are being realized not only in the German but also in the English language,
  • acceptance of German diplomas in the majority of world countries,
  • possibility to receive free, as well as paid education,
  • reduced, comparing with Great Britain, USA, Switzerland, Singapore, expenses, related to education,
  • possibility to travel in Europe during the whole period of studies (vacations and weekends),
  • possibility to prolong your stay in Germany for a year and a half, after having been finishing your studies, in order to find a job.

Contacting to our company, you may receive not only high quality education, but also our integral approach during the whole period of your stay in Germany, as well as reduce considerably your expenses, comparing in this aspect, Germany and all “traditional” countries, where one may receive education.

Contact us, and we will help you to find your way to the future and obtain education not only effectively, but also with pleasure!

The clients of our company, who pay our servicing to the amount of 1000 euros, will become members of our YFS24 loyalty programme; this will permit you to have discounts for our future services in all spheres of our activities, interesting to you.


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  • provision of the convenient preparatory and entering process to an educational institution (university, institute, school, college) in Germany
  • assistance in the process of adaptation in Germany, while preparing to enter the educational institution and after the entrance
  • provision of integral and permanent servicing/escort from the moment of your contact to our company till the moment of the educational process finishing
  • consultations as to find study courses during the education period
  • organization of professional education and professional skills improvement, in the territory of your country/your enterprise, according to the corresponding industrial specialties


  • education consulting of any level: school, college, university, institute, according to bachelor's or master's degree programmes, or of professional education in Germany (the service is based on the principle of pay by the hour)
  • after having ordered services in our company and having paid a monetary deposit, you will be offered some variants for future entrance to an educational institution,we will provide you with the total preparation of your entrance documents, their translation, certification and sending/presentation
  • we will help to arrange your preparations for taking exams and language tests
  • we provide consultation and support at all stages of the process/ after the entrance: to obtain an educational visa, insurance policy, registration, to open a personal account, to search and rent dwelling,we will arrange your arrival in Berlin/Germany, in order to make you familiar to the having been selected educational institutions and to solve any problems “at the selected place”; this may be combined with an interesting cultural programme
  • having you become a participant of our loyalty programme YFS24, you will have an opportunity, to address us, at any moment and with any problem, including everyday ones at your dwelling place, as to transport support, organization of tourist travels at weekends and vacations, and any other travels
  • we may organize exit professional studies, professional skills improvement for your employees in the territory of your country, inviting the best specialists from Germany, granting you corresponding certificates

Important: we neither take responsibility nor solve problems, related to your compliance with law of Germany or other legal matters. We are ready, however, to provide you with some consultations concerning the matter.



request an electronic application form, formalize it and send it to us through our site or email

receive a price
offer from us,
conditions of our service,
a deposit amount,
ways of payment

confirm your request
and make a deposit payment, according to to the way,
selected by you:
transfer or in an office

receive our electronic confirmation of the request/payment, information of the request fulfillment and our coordinator’s contacts