Our company is called YOUR FUTURE SERVICE24. This name is reflecting our priorities in business: we work for you, we will work for, we work for you, all round the clock.
Our activities main task is to organize and provide our clients with the widest range of services in the following areas: education, medicine, tourism, transfers, events. The most important part of our activities is servicing for our VIP clients.

The company has been registered in Berlin – the capital of Germany, being the latter the strongest European economy; our company possesses a considerable authorized capital, which is bigger, than the capitals of other companies with the similar servicing.

The company has been established by its’ managers, who have been working in the sphere of corresponding servicing. A strategic investor has been attracted, in order to create the company.

Our prior activity is to present servicing to our permanent clients; unlike some of our competitors, we have our programme of loyalty YFS24, which automatically includes the clients, who order definite servicing to a special amount. Furthermore, our clients will be offered the opportunity to pay a part of our services with some available score, that is – to have discounts for our servicing.

Our activities main principles:

  • priority of our clients’ interests,
  • responsibility,
  • punctuality,
  • multiprofiled activities,
  • all round the clock servicing for permanent clients.

Only famous and proved companies and organizations are selected by us as our partners.

We guarantee permanent offers and providing the widest range of services for our clients.
Our aim is you joyful mood!